Nov. 14th, 2014

kittytoes: (Vincent Victor von Fluffnstuff)

  • I have been sick. Sick sick sick. I actually think it was the flu. I feel better today, meaning I have not been slumped on the couch at any point.

  • It's cold! I like it. Long coat, scarf, gloves. Yes yes yes. It is not fun to also have a runny nose and be sleeepy, but I'll take it. It went from 65 to 35 this week. Ok.

  • My hair is having an identity crisis still. I think it'll be ok. I have realized that I do not want bangs and that is HUGE for me. Curly curls and center part are sort of where I'm going. Think Amy Irving in Carrie. I'm at that length right now, even though I always imagine longer will be better. Then my hair gets big and then scraggly and then I do not think so anymore.

  • This means I need to keep my brows on point.

  • Do you curl your lashes? You should. I didn't know that until a year ago.

  • I need new boots. I wear my shoes until they crumble. My problem is that I need a few pairs of boots to satisfy all of my boot wants but I am cheap and want one cheap pair to be them all. I might get these or these. I want these but they can't be the one boot. Maybe they will be a gift for me later.

  • This weekend is Matty's birthday. He's my favorite person in the whole world, but that boy will NEVER give you a straight answer if you ask him what he wants to do. I hate guessing because I feel like "I want to see people/go somewhere/ do nothing" are the options and they are quite different.

  • I have to clean, regardless.

  • I finished the crocodile! He's going in to rehearse with it next week. We'll see what she says. I hope it's not too big, but it sure is funny on tiny Toby.

  • Big Hero 6 was pretty great. It was wonderfully full of science and people getting really excited about science.

  • I want to see Birdman.

  • Did anyone else watch Over the Garden Wall? IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. Watch it this weekend and come back to talk to me about because ugh. I loved it. Wirt and Greg are Gideon and Toby.

  • I dunno what else. Happy weekend!

  • 😍

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