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Lilly has been sold and is now in the arms of her new owner. She will be appearing in Dollseye's visions from now on. If you don't know Jesse, take a minute to visit her Flickr. There aren't many people who I find so consistently inspiring and challenging and mind blowing at the same time. Her wanting Lilly made my decision very easy, as I anxiously await her appearance in Jesse's lens...

So, there is a new dolly winging it's way to me. More about that later, obviously, but I'm plenty excited. (A little one. I used most of the money on my dress alterations. >_<)

Last week I was visited by the very very lovely [ profile] ragazza and [ profile] zozolala. We had a fantastic time wandering around the neighborhood and got the requisite cheesesteaks and then beer at Tattooed Mom's. Mostly we made dolly messes and laughed and I only wish their stay was longer. They also gave me lovely presents (which require their own post) and Ginger came home! She is sooooooo beautiful I can't stand it. Thanks again girls!

July is almost over and I'm properly freaked out. The Volks party is this weekend which is exciting. Sunday is my shower of sorts. It's gonna be an equal opportunity co-ed lunch thing, so I'm not sure if it's actually a shower. My parents will be meeting Mat's for the first time! 6 years and a kid later, I know, but it's still makes me nervous. Right after this I need to rifle through my clothes for something to wear.

I suppose that it's. It's really just wedding wedding wedding interspersed with reality. It does look like the bachelor/bachelorette extravaganza is going to happen and that makes me very happy. Boobies and bananna hammocks for all! Lingerie and hairdos and fake nails are in my future too, so I have some other things to look forward too. Ha ha!

I'm excited about meeting new LJ pals at the party Saturday, so if you're there and you see the me/Mat or Mina/Lenore duo, do say hi!

Oh, and someone tell me why I think these little things are so damn cute?
(Pullip's funny lookin' little sis)

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All of our girls, in various states of undress )

In other news, we're going to to the Volks Party in NYC! Yipeee!


Sep. 14th, 2005 12:09 pm
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I spent all day yesterday taking, editing and uploading pics for the site and today is rainy and I'm feeling a bit sluggish.

One of the hardest parts of editing is weeding out the pictures that really don't say much about the clothes... :P




Also, why I am not allowed to be a dolly snob )

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Though I've been quiet, I've been very dolly busy.  Sorry, friends, if I haven't commented much.  I promise I have read.

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I made dolls )

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The haunting )


Jul. 28th, 2005 10:17 am
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Lilly )

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