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So, dolls!

I dunno about you guys, but the joy of the hobby for me tends to be in the little things and sometimes I get so caught up in big projects, I really don't play enough... I had a moment and realized that I've acquired a few little things here and there that make me happy...

pia pinkponys001

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the rest

Feb. 7th, 2006 11:29 pm
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which turned into a bit of a Cinderella story... )

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So, ha ha, I have dolls!  Once in a while I change their clothes and stuff.  Anyway, there's been lots of talk lately of new addtions and the boys aren't too thrilled.  Mina flutters her eyelashes at them to make them forget.



The rest (and Lenore) )


Aug. 24th, 2005 10:36 am
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I have lots to share!  What's the convention?  Choronlogically from where we left off?  Backwards from present? I know, it doesn't matter...

I'll start with last week!  On Thursday, Rachel (Roux on DOA) was nice enough to stop by and allow me to try  some new clothes on her dolls -- namely the Luts girl body.  Thankfully everything works well, so now I just need to sell the damned things.  >_< 

Of course, that took a few mintues and she was sucked into the time warp that is our house for hours, so lots of fun dolly time was had...


Do I have to sit next to her? )

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It's been an odd couple of days.  I don't feel especially motived to go into boring details, but a french fry fire in the oven was a highlight yesterday.  (A single french fry, mind you, so no harm done).  I have finished up some random sewing and literally took 300 pics before I thought any were good.  I don't really know where my brain is...

Either way, here's a bit of what I've been up to!




I swear I have colors in my heap o' fabrics.  Really.

Also, the Mr and I seem to be in agreement about Glory angel Ren and are looking at getting him as a business investment (Yay!).  So little clothes will be had.  Well, bigger than our little little clothes but smaller than these.

Speaking of little clothes, I still need to take some pictures of my Rosebud for her proper introduction.  And, um, take clearer pictures of this stuff so people actually know what they're buying...

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So ShinB's body is here and I love love love her.  I had a funny moment when I first put her together and she looked odd just being on a body since I'm used to her little lonely head, but that passed quickly.  The Lovely House girl body is soo pretty and natural-looking.  I really like the flare of her hips.  The Mr. was kind enough to sand them (decked out in his lab finest) and I blushed both her and Damien.  Yum.

Here's Pia!


Wanna see a bit of nudity? )

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Lovely Yuko )


She's quite the vamp.  The Mr. seems to be quite pleased with her faceup and to have absolutely no plans to dress her.


Oh! And Shin Cho has told me that his name is Damien, which is quite a relief...

*swoon some more*

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Christmas was incredible and I am one lucky lucky gal.  Since my birthday is right before Christmas, and since Mat's family is large and wonderfully sweet, he arranged with them to get me one big combo present for eveything/from everyone...

So meet my beautiful new boy!

He's a Lovely House ShinCho and absolutely perfect.  He came with the default face up which is delicate yet mischievious and certainly boyish.  He also has both elf and human ears!  Eep!

He's got clothes shoes and wigs on the way.  I also have new Masterpiece eyes I want to try in him.  He also needs a name... but geez, I love him.  Doesn't he look like he's either going to kiss you or say a bad word? Yum...

As for the rest, I also got a Lovely House ShinB head whose faceup is almost complete and who is waiting for her body (both presents from my love).   She's also got 2 sets of ears and is sweetly adorable.  I seem to suddenly require pouts on my dolls...

I got Mat the Vamp Dark Elf Soo head who will live on our other Dream body and is just waiting for  her body to be reblushed.   I anticipate pictures tomorrow.

And Mina has a new wig from SoulDoll and the Azone Black Daisy outfit!

::dies::  She's perfect.

Of course, the holidays are meaningless without family and friends and I have the best. ^_^  I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves!

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