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So, dolls!

I dunno about you guys, but the joy of the hobby for me tends to be in the little things and sometimes I get so caught up in big projects, I really don't play enough... I had a moment and realized that I've acquired a few little things here and there that make me happy...

pia pinkponys001

Wigs and small delights )
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All of our girls, in various states of undress )

In other news, we're going to to the Volks Party in NYC! Yipeee!
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Pia and Tallulah )
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which turned into a bit of a Cinderella story... )


Aug. 24th, 2005 10:36 am
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I have lots to share!  What's the convention?  Choronlogically from where we left off?  Backwards from present? I know, it doesn't matter...

I'll start with last week!  On Thursday, Rachel (Roux on DOA) was nice enough to stop by and allow me to try  some new clothes on her dolls -- namely the Luts girl body.  Thankfully everything works well, so now I just need to sell the damned things.  >_< 

Of course, that took a few mintues and she was sucked into the time warp that is our house for hours, so lots of fun dolly time was had...


Do I have to sit next to her? )

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Reason 11,678 I love living in the city: We just got a  menu from an ice cream place that delivers.  They have some ridiculous coookie concoction which will be mine assuming Mat finishes his research proposal and we have something to celebrate.

In opposite news, I lost five pounds while sick and unable to taste.

I also got Pia's wig!  I've been so good lately, it was fun to get a package in the mail.  It's from bittenbefore on DOA and it is reeeeally lovely.  I think it suits her new face.



I also realized that Nettle never got to pose with her throne...

more pink kitty stuff )

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There is a fantastically crazy lightening storm happening right now and the air feels appropriately electric.  My fever has broken and fallen away and though I think I died a little, I got quite a bit done.  Now Mat has to finish writing about octopuses so that we can grab a wee bit of summer for ourselves then we can get on to the rest.

In the meantime, here's Pia.



con tetas )

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Well, thanks to my two favorite people in the whole world, I had an incredibly wonderful Mother's day.  Though actually, the whole weekend was pretty great...

On Saturday we had a lovely dinner with Mat's family and that night Mat gave me presents and made his world famous nachos.  We also had drinks and took dolly pics and watched Walking with Prehistoric Mammals and had a glorious night.  On Sunday, I got my  best present  -- a squishy Build-A-Bear which says "I love you too, Mommy" in Gideon's teeny little voice.  ^_^

We then trekked to the mall and bought lots of fun things (I now have my gauchos and tank tops so summer can officially start).  Back at home we hadd an Indian food/ living room floor picnic and really, it all was more than I could've asked for and being a mommmy rocks and... goosh goosh goosh... 

It was wonderful.

Speaking of wonderful, not only did I get to take the weekend off from sewing,but we got new dolly clothes in the mail that Mat bought for Yuko and  Pia...                                                                                                                  



The top/tie is from Natalie (who is selling pieces from D.D.D) and the bag is from Build-A-Bear.  [ profile] faroch will post the Yuko pics later...

I also discovered that Nettle is almost exactly the same size as Dawn dolls when she tried on a cheapie new Dawn outfit I found at a Kay-Bee.



She hates it when I take pictures of her.  Can you tell?

All in all, good things everywhere.  Oh!  And we placed our order for Mat's next girlie and I'm getting excitied -- it looks like we'll be able to sew for MSDs after all... ^_~


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More plus Pia's new dress )

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'cause I do.



It's snowing and snowing and snowing.  We're stuck here and it's fun.  I wanted to paint some dollies, but I should wait until I can get outside to Super Clear...  We did just borrow a surger from Mat's mom, so I may play with that next.

My tortoises are mating like crazy.  This is the first winter I haven't hibernated them -- they must think the snow is romantic. 

Come to think of it, I sorta do too...


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So ShinB's body is here and I love love love her.  I had a funny moment when I first put her together and she looked odd just being on a body since I'm used to her little lonely head, but that passed quickly.  The Lovely House girl body is soo pretty and natural-looking.  I really like the flare of her hips.  The Mr. was kind enough to sand them (decked out in his lab finest) and I blushed both her and Damien.  Yum.

Here's Pia!


Wanna see a bit of nudity? )

hot date

Dec. 30th, 2004 03:46 am
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Mr. M and I just spent a wonderful evening out shopping with gift cards.  We hit H&M (the Ikea of fashion!) and got lots of long-overdue pants.  Then (using a Visa gift card!) we went to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, wich was Bill Murray wonderful and ate lots and lots and lots of pretzel bites with cheese.  We laughed loudly.  We also needed a tray for all of the food we bought, which was a first.  It was a good time.

We have a new camera in the house, a present given to Mat.  I was less than interested since I've invested quite a bit of time romancing the one we have, but yesterday we broke out the new guy and now I'm hooked.  I've since been taking pictures of everything and though I have no idea what I'm doing, it's fun.

Ooh, speaking of pictures, here's ShinB!

Her name is Pia.  She's waiting patiently for eyelashes and her body which should both ship soon.  I adore her.  She was originally sort of an add-on to the order for ShinCho and my big present from Mat was going to be the kitty-headed ElfDoll Carsi, but he placed an order from Dolly Paradise almost a month ago and they've been a bit of a nightmare to deal with.  Long story short, we've since cancelled the order (which apparently was never going to be filled) and decided that a body for Pia would be a much better investment right now.  Pia thinks so too.

Mat's Vamp Soo is also finished, but I think I'll just post about her later.  Right now, I should be off to bed, since I'm not really sure why I'm still up....

I could go for more pretzel bites, though.  Mmmmmm

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