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Stanley's Iceland outfit

I finally got everything from Stanley's Iceland trip uploaded and posted in [ profile] stan_lambchop and in my flickr!   We were treated with lots and lots of amazing information about Iceland and got a tiny glimpse of what it might be like to live there and that is exactly the sort of mind-expanding excercise I hoped this would be!  Share it with us!   Thanks again to his hosts!!

He's all ready to head out again.  He has figured out how to bend the space-time continuum and may be in more than one place at once!  If we've talked about him visiting you next, I'll email you when I send him out this week!
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So, Flat Stanley is MIA. He arrived in Iceland on April 9th and I have had no word since. I desperately hope that [ profile] resin_murder is okay, I know he got there just in time for a volcano to erupt, so I guess there may have been any sort of delays?  We're hoping he still makes it home.

Just to be safe, I think I should send out a new Stanley this week in hopes of Gideon getting him back in time to participate in the project.  Perhaps even 2...  So, [ profile] resin_angels , I have sent you a message.  In case you don't get it, would you send along your shipping address if you think you'd be able to host for us?  

[ profile] slytherin13 and [ profile] tikistitch. are next on the list, but I believe they are both traveling at the moment, so [ profile] lucygoosey might you send along your info as well?

I'll keep moving down the list until I've got 2 Stanleys sent out this week, so you are listed above and cannot participate now, please let me know.  I appreciate your help!!


Man, you guys!  So, guess what arrived at Gideon's school yesterday?  Stanley!  Back from Iceland with the most AMAZING letter and photographs and postcard and wow, seriously, Dagbjört totally outdid herself.  I will scan all of it and share it in Stanley's lj, and I'll get him sent out again.  I can't wait to share!!
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Like I mentioned, I made a journal for Gideon's Flat Stanley Project! Feel free to friend it if you'd like to follow his adventures. I'll be sure to post here when I update it either way.

[ profile] stan_lambchop 


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Okay, so I've consulted with Gideon and we've planned out a bit of an itinerary.

*EDIT* Stanley's first trip will be to visit [ profile] resin_murder  in Iceland!!

Next, Stanley will be visiting Australia.
[ profile] resin_angels , would you please email me your address (and the names of your girls, maybe)?  kittykattoes at gmail.  

Once he's back, then we'll send him off again to Seattle to visit
[ profile] slytherin13 and [ profile] tikistitch.

Then we're thinking he'll trek out to
[ profile] lucygoosey in the UK
[ profile] aoi_no_neko in California, USA
[ profile] mmymoon  in Virginia, USA
[ profile] firefrie in Belgium
[ profile] unraveledgirl
in New Jersey, USA
[ profile] pixy_magwire in Ireland
[ profile] zagzagael in California, USA
[ profile] absurdities in New York, USA

There won't be any solid dates, since we're relying on various postal services and luck, so if you're on this list, or would like to be (full explination of the Flat Stanley project here)
, please leave me your email address in the comments so that I may ask for your shipping info when we need it.  (Comments are screened.)   I'll keep everyone up to date with Stanley's trip as well -- i think in his own journal.  More on that later.
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Wow, thanks for all of the feedback on my painting adventure! I'd like to put together some pictures of the rest of the house that sort of give you an idea how odd and teeny it is. That sort of thing fascinates me, trinity rowhomes are common fare in this city, but aren't especially well known elsewhere.  I love how areas develop their own architecture.

*page turn music*
And speaking of where we live and how awesome you guys are, I need help!

Gideon is doing the Flat Stanley Project in school and we need a host!  Several, even. The long and short of it: Flat Stanley is a children's book written by Jeff Brown in 1964, and in it, Stanley is a normal boy who gets flattened by a bulletin board and discovers the neato things he can do now that he's flat. One of those things is travel by mail. A project began in London which had kids mailing out their own Stanleys and seeing what sort of adventures he could go on. The results are pretty amazing and the project spread. So, now Gideon has a Stanley and we need to send him to someone who is willing to host him for a week and then mail him back. While we do have relatives who might be game, I'd love to see if anyone here might be willing to help out since a.) most of you live in exciting places b.) I can safely say the lot of you would be a bit more excited about a paper boy than my 65 year old Aunt in Florida.

We'd love to send him far away (we're in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) and while the class project only involves one host, then Stanley's report on his trip, I would absolutely love to keep sending him out if any more people are willing -- I think it would make for a fun project over the summer especially.

If you're interested, here's how it would work:
  • We mail you Stanley and his instructions!  I'll try to include some fun stuff, maybe a postcard from our city and a picture from Gideon?  
  • You take him with you for a week and show him a good time!  We're just looking for an idea of where you live, what the weather was like and maybe some pictures of Stanley seeing the sights.  You'll get to draw appropriate clothing on him and a postcard or map or some sort of paper souvenir of your city would be amazing.
  • You mail him back!  I'd be happy to pay for his return postage and you could email me any pictures you have taken so you do not have to print them.
I'd have to ask that you stick to the week deadline, so Gideon will have Stanley back in time to present his adventure to the class.  Please only agree to help if you're sure you'll have no problem participating.   We have to have him mailed out to you by April 4th. 
We'd also be happy to host other Stanleys if anyone wants to send out their own!

I think this could be fun, and I'll chronicle Stanley's adventures here or on Flickr.  So, if you'd like to participate, leave a comment or email me at kittykattoes AT gmail (please remind me of where you live so we can plan Stanley's trip accordingly).


Edited to add:  Yay!  There is interest!  We absolutely want to send him anywhere and everywhere he is welcome, so once we have a better idea of where he might be able to go, we'll plan his trips and get specifics.  I might just give Gid a map and let him choose the order, so this is definitely be an ongoing project.  Please comment if you'd like to participate!

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