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In other news, we're going to to the Volks Party in NYC! Yipeee!
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I'm so slow today. I don't know what my problem is, I just want to inch around. I watched TV last night -- I think that sucks my life force out. It was all so good though!

Anway, I had my first real Dolly Freak Out last night. The bad kind.

I decided it was about time I sew something new for Pigeon and fix her loose wing and while she was on my work table or lap or when the wind blew the wrong way or something, the paint on her teeny lip chipped. I had my goddamnfuckohshit moment and moved on, realizing it was about time I made her mine anyway, so I fixed her lip and sealed the rest of her face, blushed her a bit, and reglued her wings (I loosened the second one to reglue that too, it was only a matter of time...) I didn't change anything because her face is perfect as is and this morning, even in full light, I really don't think you can tell where it happened. Her wings have 2 small scratches on them too, which I've only recently noticed but I think may have happened anytime since I got her. There's no fixing them without redoing the color on her wings and I'm not about to do that... even angels can be ragamuffins. She really is the only doll I have that I feel this way about just because she is so so special, but really, she's mine and I should just get over it.

She's not leaving the house anymore though. Haha.

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Fun stuff

Feb. 21st, 2006 12:54 pm
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A wee Death Eather! This was from a recent commission which was lots of fun. She's a little Angel Region girlie, so the tattoo is actually quite small.

I think my new girl (Ciel)will be named Claudia, thanks to a brilliant suggestion by Mat. (It speaks volumes of the men in my life that they participate in dolly naming sessions with me.) I also really like Primrose for her, but I think that's too... literal? I'm really over the moon with her. I do love Pia, but she's sometimes so cute that I was limiting in a way and she has that gorgeous gorgeous body. Speaking of...

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Feb. 20th, 2006 03:19 pm
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 She's here!  My Ciel head arrived on Saturday and I got enough commission stuff done to have time to paint her.  She's on Pia's Lovely House body, which was my plan and it works really well.  This is the normal-skinned head and it is a bit lighter than the body and my pureskin Volks bodies (my LH girl and Volks match almost perfectly), but after blushing it's really not much of an issue.  I love love love her.  She's going to be my pale pale pris...


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