Jan. 14th, 2015 11:51 am
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  • I need to start getting up earlier. Mornings are a bit too rushed for my liking and I just wanna sleeep moooore no matter when the alarm goes off. Better to think I can catch another half hour of snoozing at 6AM rather than 6:30.

  • I adore my kids, but one thing they are absolutely incapable of is rushing. Once you tell them to hurry up, it's like you asked them to pretend they are moving in slow motion.

  • This my belated Christmas gift from Mat, a gorgeous Blood Milk necklace made with cast owl talons and mouse bones. *love*

  • Cast owl talons and mouse bones 😍 Thank you Mat for my gorgeous @bloodmilk necklace!

  • Hey alright! NYT names Philadelphia #3 in the top 52 places to visit in 2015. We're right behind Cuba(?) and ahead of Yellowstone. We want to road trip to Yellowstone. Guess we have the right idea.

  • Hilarious. Skeleton dollies anonymous, indeed

  • People are freaking out over this video and I think that is stupid. I love it. I also love this whole album from Sia.

  • Mat had the great idea to move Gid's drums to the basement since we've been incapapble of figuring out how they will fit into his future bedroom without meaning he will be living with just DRUMS and a bed. This means we have a lot more work to do, but it needs to be done. Our basement is a creepy old nightmare! He'd actually love playing down there and it makes the most sense for sound insulation.

  • Nobody puts baby in the corner.

  • Still in love

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