Jan. 28th, 2016

kittytoes: (Kat doll)
Barbie has new bodies! Here's the Time article about it. I think it's pretty great, though I do not understand why Mattel is not a fan of joints for Barbie. I mean, I get that this is a huge retooling and jointed limbs for all ofthe new bodies would price them waaay up (the basics are only 9.99!), I just hope they go there someday? Maybe. I think most fans are just excited about new hair and skin colors and cute clothing pieces. I mean, this looks like a pretty comprehensive overhaul and that is good. It's weird to me that they don't cite Monster high as an influence. It must have been, right? I am excited about new shoe possibilities and I bet the petite clothes fit Blythe.

(Also do not read the comment on the Time article. Wow. I have honestly NEVER understood the vitriol spewed at Barbie, but now the comments for "fat Barbie" make me just want to turn off the computer and run away.)

I think Imma get that bloo haired gal. With this and girl heroes with lightsabers, little Kat is pleased with the world.

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