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  • I'm in a weird head place. I hate knowing that something is bothering me more than it should. But how much should anything bother anyone?

  • When I have to do something I don't want to, I obsessively make lists of the tiny things it will take to get through it. I know how bad it is by how small the steps.

  • No, it's not bad now.

  • At all

  • I've got my hair back to black. That helps a lot.

  • I need to buy clothes and shoes. That helps too.

  • The boys had a last hoorah at my mom's house and it was short but nice to have 2 nights alone. We drove them there and spent the day with my mom in her pool and that was nice too. My dad had been away for a few days and she told me that she barely slept, being alone without my dad or their dog really wrecked her. That worries me.

  • Mat had to work, but we spent our nights catching up on TV. Finished True Blood forever. I liked the final season a lot more than the last few, but I was not thrilled with the finale. We also watched the second season of Hemlock Grove and liked it very much. I think it was better than the first in a lot of ways. It had an insane finale again, but it felt right. I think, backed right up to True Blood, it felt like the right sort of batshit crazy. They do werewolf really really well.

  • I also really liked Grabbers on Netflix. Fun sci fi/horror/comedy to watch with a drink or two.

  • We haven't been school shopping yet and it is making me twitchy.

  • I usually enjoy school shopping but Gid has a long list of very very specific things, down to brands and colors.

  • I get that, actually. And sort of appreciate it. Still, lower on the fun scale.

  • Also, they wear uniforms. I LOVE that, but it makes for lame shopping.

  • Starting to think about Halloween. I feel drained by this summer and I'm already beginning to worry about the energy and $$ our Halloween party requires. I've had the thought that once Halloween fell on a Friday like it does this year, we'd forgo the usual party for a Day of the Dead celebration. I think that might be the answer.

  • Working on dolls. I am getting very excited to show for real. It has me headed in the right direction. Also, another reason I don't want to lose my fall to Halloween prep.

  • I was going to look for one without the video because I love the album cover *so much* but I have to post puppets on principle. <3 Natasha

  • I am excited for Box Trolls.

  • Also, Mat got us tickets to see Varekai again soon. I am excited for both Cirque and an actual date.

  • Dolls, puppets, circus. I am easy to please.

  • I find it hard to believe it is already/only Thursday.

  • Rub a dub dub #vincentvictorvonfluffnstuff

  • Yup

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He's still a ridiculous rag doll baby monster fluff and he lets me snoodle him up whenever I want. I'm gonna give him a bath tonight.


Nov. 1st, 2012 11:56 am
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can you believe it's over? )


Vincent isn't ready for the Christmas season yet.

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