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Okay, so, we had a fabulously rainy 4th week/weekend and we holed up and played and checked things off of the To Do list. As mentioned, we're slowly working through the ranks, sprucing up the Kitties clan and this weekend was dedicated Tallulah time...

I have been sitting on an "O" face and pointy hands for quite some time and we recently got in on the parts preorder for ears and horns and I even sewed a bit for the occassion (OMG glitter vinyl). So I took lots of pictures. Lots. Wherein I thought of every possible use for that face and the point and the salute-y hand and failed to cover even one boob. You have been warned.

tallulahkitty o 001

Optional parts, indeed )

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All of our girls, in various states of undress )

In other news, we're going to to the Volks Party in NYC! Yipeee!
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Pia and Tallulah )
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I've been sick.  With a head cold that has me somewhat loopy, so my sentence structure is off.

Anway, I feel like dolly rambling into the LJ land.  First off, I've fallen for a girl.  Well, a head.   Ciel, who has come out of nowhere and shaken my resolve to, you know, never ever get another girl.    I think she would just be perfectly lovely on Pia's body. Though I am bad at body sharing, I really wouldn't want another big full-time gal and I don't think Pia would mind.  I'm still unsure, but that's easy since she hasn't actually gone on sale yet...

I'm also doing my usual waffling about another boy.  It probably won't happen for a long while.  I'm stuck on R Asiam, though I think I will give Doll in Mind time to resolve their manufacturing issues.  I'm actually not all that daunted by the thought of him being imperfect, but I am lazy about building my boy wardrobe, so it might be best I wait.

As for the dolls that I actually do own, we've gotten a few new wigs and a shoe here and there.  I took a few pictures, with the intent of showing some relative sizes,


instead, I just took a lot of pictures... )

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My Christmas was absolutely wonderful.  We're still wading through presents their spent wrappings and our diet still consists entirely of indulgent leftovers... so it continues to be wonderful.  Gideon has actually spent every waking moment playing with every single thing he's gotten and hasn't taken off his Incredibles jammies yet.  He "looooves Christmas!"

I've gotten so many lovely things it's almost a blur, but my big present I share with Mat  -- A Unoa Sist.  Her name is Tallulah deLux and she's a slut and I love her.


Boobies, of course )

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