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I've been sick.  With a head cold that has me somewhat loopy, so my sentence structure is off.

Anway, I feel like dolly rambling into the LJ land.  First off, I've fallen for a girl.  Well, a head.   Ciel, who has come out of nowhere and shaken my resolve to, you know, never ever get another girl.    I think she would just be perfectly lovely on Pia's body. Though I am bad at body sharing, I really wouldn't want another big full-time gal and I don't think Pia would mind.  I'm still unsure, but that's easy since she hasn't actually gone on sale yet...

I'm also doing my usual waffling about another boy.  It probably won't happen for a long while.  I'm stuck on R Asiam, though I think I will give Doll in Mind time to resolve their manufacturing issues.  I'm actually not all that daunted by the thought of him being imperfect, but I am lazy about building my boy wardrobe, so it might be best I wait.

As for the dolls that I actually do own, we've gotten a few new wigs and a shoe here and there.  I took a few pictures, with the intent of showing some relative sizes,


instead, I just took a lot of pictures... )

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I'm so excited by that it's ridiculous. I need a hoodie at night. We have the windows open. Halloween is coming! I love it all. Not to mention that Melancholy Kitties has its first anniversary on the 6th! I want to celebrate, but I'm not sure what to do...

I've also been consumed by baby dolly lust. I suppose it was always there, its just hit a fevered pitch caused by the little LatiDolls. The Special Miel overwhelmed me with cute, mostly because he looks quite a bit like a bigger-headed Gideon. I watched the site open and then cried on Mat's shoulder when I saw his price -- just too much for a fantastic outfit. I would now like a basic Miel to paint and dress myself and the one-two punch of my birthday and Christmas has me hopeful.

(I have a Leeke Sweet here to paint now and I fell a little bit in love with her too -- I adore their splayed fingers!)

I guess that's it. The Corpse Bride was incredible. I want to see it another thousand times so that it becomes as familiar as Nightmare. I'm dying for the DVD release and all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. I could literally watch days of them talking about how things were done and showing the puppets and sets... they're so big! I want one of everything -- imagine the pics!!!

Speaking of, here are some recent (though not taken on an incredible set)pics...

Hound was visiting the spa for a face and is actually now ready to go home. He had asked to meet Nettle and I think she's going to be sad to see him go...

And Miss Mina. Because I play favorites. :P

Oh, and there's new stuff in all of the sections of our Boutique. Check it out if you get the chance. ^_^

I'm pretty sure I have lots more to share, but I can't think of anything. Mat bought me an incredible teeny present I need to photograph. Maybe tonight!

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Reason 11,678 I love living in the city: We just got a  menu from an ice cream place that delivers.  They have some ridiculous coookie concoction which will be mine assuming Mat finishes his research proposal and we have something to celebrate.

In opposite news, I lost five pounds while sick and unable to taste.

I also got Pia's wig!  I've been so good lately, it was fun to get a package in the mail.  It's from bittenbefore on DOA and it is reeeeally lovely.  I think it suits her new face.



I also realized that Nettle never got to pose with her throne...

more pink kitty stuff )

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Well, thanks to my two favorite people in the whole world, I had an incredibly wonderful Mother's day.  Though actually, the whole weekend was pretty great...

On Saturday we had a lovely dinner with Mat's family and that night Mat gave me presents and made his world famous nachos.  We also had drinks and took dolly pics and watched Walking with Prehistoric Mammals and had a glorious night.  On Sunday, I got my  best present  -- a squishy Build-A-Bear which says "I love you too, Mommy" in Gideon's teeny little voice.  ^_^

We then trekked to the mall and bought lots of fun things (I now have my gauchos and tank tops so summer can officially start).  Back at home we hadd an Indian food/ living room floor picnic and really, it all was more than I could've asked for and being a mommmy rocks and... goosh goosh goosh... 

It was wonderful.

Speaking of wonderful, not only did I get to take the weekend off from sewing,but we got new dolly clothes in the mail that Mat bought for Yuko and  Pia...                                                                                                                  



The top/tie is from Natalie (who is selling pieces from D.D.D) and the bag is from Build-A-Bear.  [ profile] faroch will post the Yuko pics later...

I also discovered that Nettle is almost exactly the same size as Dawn dolls when she tried on a cheapie new Dawn outfit I found at a Kay-Bee.



She hates it when I take pictures of her.  Can you tell?

All in all, good things everywhere.  Oh!  And we placed our order for Mat's next girlie and I'm getting excitied -- it looks like we'll be able to sew for MSDs after all... ^_~


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