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Aug. 1st, 2006 11:40 am
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In my great tradition of cutting edge reporting, I bring you the Volks Doll Party in NYC. I did have my camera this time, but my pictures generally sucked so I will spare you blurry pictures of things you have undoubtedly seen elsewhere.

Everything else )

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All of our girls, in various states of undress )

In other news, we're going to to the Volks Party in NYC! Yipeee!
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I'm so slow today. I don't know what my problem is, I just want to inch around. I watched TV last night -- I think that sucks my life force out. It was all so good though!

Anway, I had my first real Dolly Freak Out last night. The bad kind.

I decided it was about time I sew something new for Pigeon and fix her loose wing and while she was on my work table or lap or when the wind blew the wrong way or something, the paint on her teeny lip chipped. I had my goddamnfuckohshit moment and moved on, realizing it was about time I made her mine anyway, so I fixed her lip and sealed the rest of her face, blushed her a bit, and reglued her wings (I loosened the second one to reglue that too, it was only a matter of time...) I didn't change anything because her face is perfect as is and this morning, even in full light, I really don't think you can tell where it happened. Her wings have 2 small scratches on them too, which I've only recently noticed but I think may have happened anytime since I got her. There's no fixing them without redoing the color on her wings and I'm not about to do that... even angels can be ragamuffins. She really is the only doll I have that I feel this way about just because she is so so special, but really, she's mine and I should just get over it.

She's not leaving the house anymore though. Haha.

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I've been sick.  With a head cold that has me somewhat loopy, so my sentence structure is off.

Anway, I feel like dolly rambling into the LJ land.  First off, I've fallen for a girl.  Well, a head.   Ciel, who has come out of nowhere and shaken my resolve to, you know, never ever get another girl.    I think she would just be perfectly lovely on Pia's body. Though I am bad at body sharing, I really wouldn't want another big full-time gal and I don't think Pia would mind.  I'm still unsure, but that's easy since she hasn't actually gone on sale yet...

I'm also doing my usual waffling about another boy.  It probably won't happen for a long while.  I'm stuck on R Asiam, though I think I will give Doll in Mind time to resolve their manufacturing issues.  I'm actually not all that daunted by the thought of him being imperfect, but I am lazy about building my boy wardrobe, so it might be best I wait.

As for the dolls that I actually do own, we've gotten a few new wigs and a shoe here and there.  I took a few pictures, with the intent of showing some relative sizes,


instead, I just took a lot of pictures... )

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which turned into a bit of a Cinderella story... )

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So, ha ha, I have dolls!  Once in a while I change their clothes and stuff.  Anyway, there's been lots of talk lately of new addtions and the boys aren't too thrilled.  Mina flutters her eyelashes at them to make them forget.



The rest (and Lenore) )

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I'm so excited by that it's ridiculous. I need a hoodie at night. We have the windows open. Halloween is coming! I love it all. Not to mention that Melancholy Kitties has its first anniversary on the 6th! I want to celebrate, but I'm not sure what to do...

I've also been consumed by baby dolly lust. I suppose it was always there, its just hit a fevered pitch caused by the little LatiDolls. The Special Miel overwhelmed me with cute, mostly because he looks quite a bit like a bigger-headed Gideon. I watched the site open and then cried on Mat's shoulder when I saw his price -- just too much for a fantastic outfit. I would now like a basic Miel to paint and dress myself and the one-two punch of my birthday and Christmas has me hopeful.

(I have a Leeke Sweet here to paint now and I fell a little bit in love with her too -- I adore their splayed fingers!)

I guess that's it. The Corpse Bride was incredible. I want to see it another thousand times so that it becomes as familiar as Nightmare. I'm dying for the DVD release and all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. I could literally watch days of them talking about how things were done and showing the puppets and sets... they're so big! I want one of everything -- imagine the pics!!!

Speaking of, here are some recent (though not taken on an incredible set)pics...

Hound was visiting the spa for a face and is actually now ready to go home. He had asked to meet Nettle and I think she's going to be sad to see him go...

And Miss Mina. Because I play favorites. :P

Oh, and there's new stuff in all of the sections of our Boutique. Check it out if you get the chance. ^_^

I'm pretty sure I have lots more to share, but I can't think of anything. Mat bought me an incredible teeny present I need to photograph. Maybe tonight!


Aug. 24th, 2005 10:36 am
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I have lots to share!  What's the convention?  Choronlogically from where we left off?  Backwards from present? I know, it doesn't matter...

I'll start with last week!  On Thursday, Rachel (Roux on DOA) was nice enough to stop by and allow me to try  some new clothes on her dolls -- namely the Luts girl body.  Thankfully everything works well, so now I just need to sell the damned things.  >_< 

Of course, that took a few mintues and she was sucked into the time warp that is our house for hours, so lots of fun dolly time was had...


Do I have to sit next to her? )

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Who knew?

I seem to have pink on the brain lately -- it must be spring.  Her eyes are Volks metallic pink and the dress is a commission I'm about to send off...



Just when I thought I was all caught up on work, the Gid comes down with Mat's flu and is a sad sick little mess.   He seems mostly better now, I think.  And I'm back to having lots to do.  So, all's well. 

Oh, hey ,anyone know where I might score one or two or several of these?  There's a shelf in one of my newly made dolly rooms just screaming for them.  (Thanks!)



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What a wonderful weekend it was!  Got to see some family, had an impromptu Oscar party with our best friends and yummy treats and I got to look at Mina lots.  Now there's huge fluffly snowglobe snowflakes falling and it's not supposed to stop anytime soon.  And there are leftover rice krispie treats in the kitchen... mmmm.

But back to Mina.  I can't get over the fact that she's whole.  The body is perfect, which is very reassuring since the auction description was very vague and the seller had zero feedback.  Speaking of, um, which body is it?  It seems like the small bust body which I know Nono had, but she came in a Mimi box and I'm not sure which Mimi had or how much of a difference there is between the medium and small bust... Help friends?






And this is the dress that came with her body.  It's really pretty.  I wasn't sure about keeping it, but now that I look at these pictures again, I think I may...



Oh Mina...

Jan. 31st, 2005 08:41 pm
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I'm grumpy.  Remember this outfit?


Well it stained her arms in a most fantastic way.  She's on  DD body, so she's slathered in Clearasil and lying under Mr. Lemon Gecko's Vita-lite, but I'm just heartbroken.  We had planned on getting her a new body anyway, but I'm not sure we have the money right now.  But looking at her is just killing me...  black streaks from shoulder to wrist.

We've been on Yahoo Japan and there seem to be plenty of pureskin SD bodies to be had... 

What's worse is that we 've had lots of people express interest in M Kitties stuff, but we're still getting everything together to launch the website.  It should be very soon.  That's actually not worse, it's great -- I just hate the feeling that I could be making money if it were up... I have lots of stuff to ebay as well.  Maybe I needed motivation in the form of horrid gloves.   Fucking gloves.

I have pictures to edit.  And I need a little black rain cloud to sit under.


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Christmas was incredible and I am one lucky lucky gal.  Since my birthday is right before Christmas, and since Mat's family is large and wonderfully sweet, he arranged with them to get me one big combo present for eveything/from everyone...

So meet my beautiful new boy!

He's a Lovely House ShinCho and absolutely perfect.  He came with the default face up which is delicate yet mischievious and certainly boyish.  He also has both elf and human ears!  Eep!

He's got clothes shoes and wigs on the way.  I also have new Masterpiece eyes I want to try in him.  He also needs a name... but geez, I love him.  Doesn't he look like he's either going to kiss you or say a bad word? Yum...

As for the rest, I also got a Lovely House ShinB head whose faceup is almost complete and who is waiting for her body (both presents from my love).   She's also got 2 sets of ears and is sweetly adorable.  I seem to suddenly require pouts on my dolls...

I got Mat the Vamp Dark Elf Soo head who will live on our other Dream body and is just waiting for  her body to be reblushed.   I anticipate pictures tomorrow.

And Mina has a new wig from SoulDoll and the Azone Black Daisy outfit!

::dies::  She's perfect.

Of course, the holidays are meaningless without family and friends and I have the best. ^_^  I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves!


Dec. 15th, 2004 12:16 pm
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Mina made me do it.  Well, since I've gotten them, I wanted to rip into a Classmates' head and Mina told me she wanted a little pet.

So Takeru is no more.

Meet Daniel.


Dec. 11th, 2004 03:08 pm
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Quick pics in poor light.... but my goodness, I love her.


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