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I am cold. I just want to sit and huddle and think about being cold. But I've got to get things done. I've gotta host a party tomorrow! We made it just a Friday night dessert family party to keep it short because this crowd gets antsy quick. They don't like to linger in our wee house. Mat's brothers are very tall and always in a hurry to go somewhere else to drink beer. Or something.

I'm going on a neat date! A one man production of Frankenstein in the Mütter Museum! It is going to be amazing no matter what becuase we'll see parts of the museum I haven't been to before. Also because it's a date.

Favorite doll

So, this wee thing, Baby soldier Gaikochu, is my new favorite thing ever. He is made in super small runs so I have been stalking the seller on IG and was able to score both a glow in the dark(!!) one and a cream one. (I ordered him on my Birthday! He arrived on xmas eve!) I lightly customized my GID one to look more like Lemon and the pair of them make me very happy. I think his name is Basil. I do sort of want other colors now though. I also need to take more pictures of my dollhouse...

Baby soldier Gaikochu! 😍 @skulltulala #skulltula #gaikochu #sofubi 💡💡

#studiouoo #lampenico #bonewalker #lemontheskeleton #skulltula #gaikochu #sofubi Even better 😍😍😍 #gaikochu #skulltula

[ profile] bleodswean We also now have 4 pose skeletons and the dog and the coffin set. XD I want to dress them and let them live in the monster house.  Some might have to be servants. I have a problem. (skeleton doll hoarders anonymous)

I hope you are well. What's for dinner?? I should put something in the crock pot but I don't want to go shopping. It feels like -5 out there.
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Lemon's costume

She thinks that she needs a mask so that everyone will know what she is.

(Let's pretend it's the 1st, okay?)
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Lemon is a very patient traveller

Lemon likes that there is beer at this amusement park

"The ride was too long, but there was beer at the park and the hotel pillows were fluffy."

Lemon likes hotels


Mar. 17th, 2011 11:23 am
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Mat won and iPod touch and gave it to me, which was wonderfully sweet of him. Now I play with the Hipstamatic app all day.

imaginary friend    048

037    039

photo 3    almost secret stairs

tea with friends     tea with friends

I hope you are well.

tea with friends
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We had a bubble fight, made fruit cubes and recorded 3 episodes of Gideon's Show. It's tricky keeping busy while neither spending money nor being outside for too long, but heat wave, you have not defeated me yet.

In other news, I like dollies.

lemon alice 004 frankie bride 001

All manner of pretty monsters )

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