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Oct. 7th, 2014 11:52 am
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Momentum is a good thing.

We didn't get to see Box Trolls last weekend, but that's because we went shopping and visited friends and then went apple picking. Movies can wait.
We went to an amazing local shop to get things for our Day of the Dead party. Eye's Gallery is a South St. staple and owned by the local mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar and his wife. It is totally covered with art and absolutely filled to the brim with neat stuff. We got some papel picado banners and big sugar skull molds. I already got paper mache skulls and masks from the craft store to paint, so I actually think we have everything we need. We also went to a new orchard for apples and really liked it. They only have apples, so it was nice to not be overrun with pumpkins/pumpkin picking. We have a lot of apples. But we also have one of these so the kids make short work of them. They can and do eat whole apples with the skin, but when you offer someone an apple spiral, it is literally impossible for them to resist. They also get to have snacks in class, so I find them to be much easier to eat without drip/mess/core garbage. I also have some recipes planned.

Speaking of, I'm trying to change the way we eat. I don't think our habits are too terrible, but there's lots of room to rethink and improve and I've started using the All Recipes app and I love it. Our problem is that neither of us really love to cook and we both hate shopping, so often we put off deciding on meals till mid day and Mat  buy things on his walk home from work. That doesn't inspire creativity. I've found that I do much better when I have a good stock of ingredients and I can make the decision to try something new with things we already have. That's where the app helps -- I can search for recipes and then save them and it even has a grocery list option, so it makes it easy to keep track of what we do need. We also have a farm share, so that helps force us to try new things also. If I plan a bit ahead but leave room to try new stuff, I find I like cooking much better and can manage our busy after school/work time much better. I need to tackle breakfast next. I think I want to try some oatmeal bar recipes to have a quick grab option for the boys instead of cereal. Hot breakfasts will take more work... mornings are hectic here.

I've been trying to take a Halloweeny picture every day, but haven't quite succeeded. I've decided I'm ok with that. As much as I love October, I'm trying to keep this one low stress. So far, so good. I even redressed some dolls! Future pictures...

The tiniest game of Halloween eye spy Love is surprise skeletons!

Hay Eye's Gallery

#31dayshalloween Butternut squash muffins making me feel all fall and cozy


Sep. 24th, 2014 09:38 am
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  • I should be painting, so after you read this, let's both pretend I'm doing something more productive.

  • It's Fall. That is good.

  • I had my 8th wedding anniversary last week. I actually feel a bit disconnected from my wedding as a huge milestone in our relationship which is probably weird. When we got married, we had already been together for 6 years and had Gideon and a house and a car... it was a beautiful wedding and I love that Mat is my husband, but I don't think it changed anything for us. Which is great, of course. We also planned the wedding in a few months so the date became a matter of convenience and wasn't otherwise significant. (Halloween is our first date anniversary and that is so much more special to me, but I was *not* going to have a Halloween wedding.) Anyway, I do think we should enjoy our moments, so we made a point of buying each other little presents and we saw Cirque Du Soliel over the weekend and went to breakfast on the day of. It was lovely and definitely better than, uh, not celebrating? Being married is a big deal I guess. :P

  • My present to Mat was another Jake Waldron eye. If you're like me, and love tiny things and creepy things, find this guy and buy his stuff before he hits the big time. This is my third piece from him, each is incredible and he is super nice. He's also showing in that Halloween group show I'm in!

  • This amazing little eye was my incredibly selfish anniversary gift to Mat. @jakewaldron you never cease to amaze! This is a collection I can never display together because I want eyes and tiny faces in every room of my house...

  • Mat gave me a dolly! A Yeolume, which is adorable and it was so much fun to get a new kind of doll. I need time for proper pictures. She's very much like whatever falls in between a Pullip and a Blythe on the imaginary scale you'd put them on opposite ends of.

  • My doll for the Halloween show is almost done. I think despite my growing panic, she'll be done in time. (I have to get her off to Australia by the end of the month.) I need to build in a tiny bit of time to really step away and make sue she's exactly what I want to show. I still feel odd that my art is on top of an existing product as opposed to something I created entirely, but I'll get there. If painting skeletons on dolls gets me there, than so be it. I am hoping to sculpt a tiny friend for her -- here's hoping I have time.

  • #wip #melancholykitties #Calavera #blythe

  • I'm late to the Chelsea Wolfe party, right? Pain is Beauty So so so so so good for my mood/the weather/ the season. I've been listening to them all right from the website. It is also on amazon Prime.

  • Leonard Cohen's new album is on NPR First Listen

  • Also good, in a John Malkovich kind of way.

  • Also good, in a gorgeous lady momma woman hero kind of way.

  • Ok, I really do need to paint. Hopefully I'll have finished pictures soon.

  • Happy Fall, friends


Oct. 15th, 2013 02:32 pm
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The problem with having a Toby is that you can't help but buy him costumes.
The problem with having a Toby is that you can't help but buy him costumes.

Craft night at Grandma's! We made Halloweeny people thanks to some awesome clip art from @magicpug and her wonderous Etsy shop.
Craft night at Grandma's house! We made Halloweeny people.

Pumpkinland #31dayshalloween

Baby clown me #31dayshalloween
Baby clown me


Oct. 20th, 2011 10:43 pm
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We don't have a yard, but that doesn't stop us from having a cemetery...

(Kudos to guest photographer Mat! I am consumed by a mess of fur and he kindly took care of my photo before I could despair.)

my kitchen

Oct. 2nd, 2011 05:40 pm
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Harlequin backsplash

is not even decorated for Halloween yet...

Bonus shot! )
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living room 004a

I was chatting with Miss Bel and realized that for all of my talk of these walls, I have never shared...
my living room )
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Sharing the space where I spend a lot of time...


Stu-stu-studio )
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I'm still in the thick of putting everything in its place (and finding a place for everything), but a few events have called for a pause in my flurry:

I'll share... )Fist, the arrival of my pretty new bookshelf.  All for dollies, girlie and perfect.

Sorry for the poor lighting, but I took the pic at 2am, as soon as it was all together.I have yet to unpack dolly furniture and I'm going to decorate the shelves individually, but the back piece has the neat detail of cute grey stripes. I could kiss Ikea on the lips.

My favorite dollies are now out, so as to begin the process of sorting and eventually selling those I'm not as attached to.  In the process, I rediscovered my Dollfie Plus girlies which were really my first foray into the wide world of import dolls.

I love them so.

Also, a doll that I made for Mr. M with the soft bust Obitsu body (her name is Lilith)

Ooh, and my Medicom Edward Scissorhands.  He's incredible.

Most importantly, the Gid slept in a big boy bed in his own room last night.  It's harder than I thought it would be.  I hugged his crib mattress as we put it away and cried.  It's cool that he can drink from a big cup and (almost)count to ten and sings the Muppet Show theme song, but ...  he's not a baby anymore.  He's a kid.  He's almost two!


Last October:

Well, he is still my baby...

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I'm home!!  We're very tired, we still have boxes to unpack, cleaning to do, and furniture to buy, but we're here!  It's wonderful.

We've been all over the place getting stuff for the house, and our shopping adventures have produced a few things I just have to share.

First (and most surprising), is this dish towel.

It came in a pack of three, all different images,and we didn't even notice this little exhibitionist until we got home (Mr. M called up the stairs,"There's a nipple on our towel!  Wanna see?").  Where did we find such a thing,  you ask?  Why, our neighborhood Target, of course!

Dolly finds and much much more! )

At Old Navy, I found these sneakers which fit the Dollfie Dream dolls perfectly.

They are key chains and $3.50 a piece.  They also had black and white checkered, all pink and all blue.  I have what may be two lefts, but it's not noticeable at all from above and I didn't even think to check for rights.

At Ikea, I found this little metal chair for $5.99

It's perfectly scaled to 1/6 dolls and Pullips. (That's Blossom, our Noir)  They also had these two sort of surrealist versions which I am absolutley going back for (the second one is 20" tall!)

In other dolly news, just before we left, I found time to give Brenya a deep condition and a bob.  Much better.

Oooh!  And that's my new bedroom color, Naughty Neutral! *giggle*  We've had many paint color discussions and have wondered more than once how influenced we are by their names.  Our kitchen is Jack o'Lantern and the Gid's room is Enchanted Land.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

Speaking of my bedroom, here's my new light fixture!  And the Pullips in the Kampe wall unit in the family room! 


Okay, I'll stop.

In unrelated news, I have a new favorite show (granted, I watch nothing other than children's programming...) Lazytown!

LazyTown for Parents
The main female character is pink-haired and tiny and occasionally breaks into ridiculous song, there are somewhat frigtening puppets, it's from Iceland, the creator/star is named Magnus and is an aerobics champion!  What's not to love?

Hmmm, I think that's it.  I've got things to put away.  And a new Ikea catalogue to dog-ear.

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