Feb. 28th, 2005 02:13 pm
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Una's back.

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I'm sick.  Apparently, it's the in thing to do.

Either way, I've finished all of my sewing and we've actually had time to do some shopping and sit around.  I've also had a chance to reward my models for their hard work.

Zero got a kitten.

Natasha got leeches.

Mat and I also got an early present.  Spurned on by the upcoming arrival of The Secret, we've picked new heads for the girls and have otherwise been in the midst of a delicious big dolly holiday shopping frenzy....

And the first head arrived today!

It's the Volks (old) F08 and she's sooo cute.  I'm going to start her faceup as soon as I'm done here.  The skintone seems a bit lighter than the DD body, but I haven't tried the head on yet and I've seen beautiful pics of the same combination...  sooo cute...

It came with a pair of Volks beige metallic eyes which are also beautiful.  I had a pair of the blue -- I think I like them all.

Of course, not everyone is as excited....


It's only temporary.  I'll always love Noni and Una.

I'll have to find a pretty box for their heads.

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The gals have been neglected, so they got an evening of dress up.  I actually made Noni's corset.  It's not too technically wonderful, but it's a start.  I also jumped on the grommet train!  Misstress Mayhem, ([livejournal.com profile] shop_of_shadows ) does it match a skirt?

This was Una's answer to Noni's new ensemble

clicky for the close ups! )

I now have the desire to make everything lace up...  Such magical little eyelets.

So much to do.  This is the pic from the Cirque program I've mentioned (too lazy to scan).  I'd love have matchy outfits for the girls inspired by these.  I actually bought hoops, now to put the darn things together...

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I bought the Blythe Midnight Hour fashion and it arrived in record time.  It's perfect.  Anastasia needed those boots.

more vinyl and Noni's cupcakes! )

Of course, upon realizing there were slutty clothes to be had, Lola tried them on too...

In case you're wondering -- no, Blythe tops absolutely do not fit Pullips (this one's hanging on by sheer will).

Apparently, I'm in a black and white sort of mood, since I've also been doing things like this:

and I just ordered a cheap Nero...

In more colorful news, we encountered some junk clearanced at Target and Noni got this:


It's a Disney princess set and even the undies and slippers fit!  All that and 2 cupcakes for under $5!  I also picked up the Bratz motorcycle with the long-haired boy.  The plan is to repaint the bike for the girls and turn the boy into a little Mr. M.  We already have mini Brat versions of ourselves because they're funny, but they need updating (we have longer hair now).   Of course, the whole set was worth the $12 just for the little leather jacket.  Fun.

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And mohair Noni!

Pretty pretty new things.


Jun. 21st, 2004 03:19 pm
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Though I can't get enough of her bald (and loving Una)...

Noni got her new wig from Poshdolls.  It's beautiful and I think it suits her quite well.


She likes to play coy, but I have my doubts...

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My second Dollfie Dream came yesterday, and I promptly blushed her and plopped Noni's head on and all was right with the world.  Then, I placed her next to Una and, well, they just didn't look good together.  I have an anal preoccupation with things "matching", and there was just too great a divide between Una's glass eyes and Noni's huuuge painted ones.  So, I turned my frustration on the new blank head and did this:

And now, they look like this together:

I'm quite pleased.

But now I'm left with a once again bodiless old Noni, and a new Noni I'm not even sure I can call Noni.  Then there's the fact that I was going to sell the repainted extra head to try and offset all of this dolly spending in the first place...

So does anyone care to share an opinon? Old Noni? New Noni? New name?

Old bald Noni, for comparison (note her anger at me...)

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Well, soon, anyway.  We snatched up one of the extra DDs from Doll Hobby, so Noni will have her very own body!  The plan is to paint the new head and eBay it -- with all of the new DDs out there from this shipment, there should be some interest.

now to keep her and Una from fighting over clothing...

HLJ Haul

May. 26th, 2004 11:13 pm
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Una's new undies (frolicking with the Mr.'s new jellyfish)

Una's new friends (Digital Devil Realize figures)

Anastasia in Azone's Velvet Night Fairies

and new minis!


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I'm trying to figure out how to post crisper pics, but now I've tried so many combinations of camera settings and size reductions, I don't know what I did.
I need to keep a list.
I'm a dork
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I got packages!!!  Yipeeeee!!


and this!


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While waiting for Una's wig and a proper outfit, I miss Noni.  I don't want to switch her back necessarily, though I do wish she owned her own body.  DDs aren't terribly expensive, but pretty hard to track down.

She is cute...

C'mon creepy mailman guy, bring me presents!

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