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We had a wonderful Halloween. It's always such a whirlwind, trying to make all of the things and doo all ofthe things and watch all of the movies. I think I was much more relaxed this year, but this past week did get nutty. I was sort of terrible at managing all of my pre party time, but the important things got done. Like the boys' costumes!

✨Doctor Who ✨ #tobyisalwaysincostume #doctorwho #Halloweencostume

Toby's was the 10th Doctor! Everything was store-bought so that was easy. (He's already worn the heck out of that suit) I made him a Tardis trick-or-treat box becuase I had a really hard time not making him anything.) I found the idea online but theirs used rigid felt which my craft store was all out of, so I covered a small box with layers of regular felt inside and out instead. I wanted it to be sturdy because they always get a serious haul and I'm sure he's going to want to keep it after Halloween. I'm happy to report it totally held up! It may have helped some people ID him too, even though he did get a few "are you Harry Potter?" questions. He wanted me to cut his hair to look more like David Tennant's and was so happy with it being "up" all day that he wanted it styled again on Saturday. He's gonna be an insufferable teenager.

💀skeleton Knight💀 @ninjachicken03

#doctorwho #skeleton #skeletonknightgideon #Halloweencostume

Gideon's was a skeleton knight!  It was totally his idea, and I left the construction up to him and Mat. We started with a store-bought costume and Mat built fun foam armor to wear over it. Gideon had the idea to make it look like he had been run through with a sword, so we cut one of their old toy foam swords in half and attached it in the front and the back. After everything was put together, shaped with heat and fitted, Mat sealed the foam with white glue and water and then used rub n' buff to give it a metallic shine. I used acrylic paint to age and rust everything and I added blood splatters and drips to the sword. Finally, we aged the actual costume with the airbrush on the "chain mail" parts and I tore and painted the hem to look like mud and blood splatters. We bought skeleton gloves which I had to take in to fit properly and then I painted them too.

I finally caved and bought a good set of face paints and had the wherewithal to try them out for the first time the *night before* Halloween. I learned a LOT about using them and I'm so glad I did it, because we had to get up at 5 the next morning and do it again for school. I used Wolfe paints with a sealer on top and I was totally impressed with how well it wore -- he made it through the entire day of school PLUS trick or treating without touch ups! Really impressive. He actually had a skull half mask that looked great on, but he couldn't wear it to school and his make up help up so well, we didn't use it for trick or treating. This was the first year he had friends who opted to not dress up and he was a bit disappointed with the too cool for Halloween energy, but he was happy with his costume and all he got a lot of great compliments. We went trick or treating with his 2 besties (one now attends a different school) that were totally dressed up all day and are just as goofy as he is and that helped a ton.

Trick or treating was fun! I never know why parents don't want to go, we always have such a great night. Our neighborhood is pretty amazing on Halloween. Most people sit outside to hand out candy and within 20 minutes, they usually have overflowing bags. There's a yearly block party nearby that everyone winds up at and a lot of adults get dressed up. I was a last minute Bride with pleated leggings, my grey biker jacket, and a silver spray streaked updo. Mat wore a mask and cloak and we went with a friend who was an amazing No Face from Spirited Away. He even had chocolate coins he handed out -- he stayed quiet and freaked a LOT of people out.

If you need us, call Mat's phone 👹💀🌚👻 Friends


Onward to los Muertos )
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Toby turned 6! I have a lot of feels about it, but we won't get into those. I will share his party though, because it was pretty great.

Toby's 6th birthday party Finn cakes and LSP treats
Balloons! Finn cakes! Lumpy Space Princess rice crispie treats!

Toby's 6th birthday party Toby's 6th birthday party
The kid wash! Unashamedly stolen from Pinterest. I saw this idea a while back and after working with SO MUCH PVC for the puppets, I knew how easy this would be. I drew up my own plans and we were able to get all of the supplies from the hardware store and the dollar store. It was a HIT! So easy to do and the kids loved it. Any alternative to a pool is very welcome in the city and this was big and fun and wet and easy to take apart and store in the basement. We're definitely going to set it up again before summer is over.

Toby's 6th birthday party Toby's 6th birthday party
Ice King piñata! Ha, I hate making piñatas. Not really, but wow it was tedious. I had two small cardboard boxes to work with so I maximized them and he wound up being surprisingly big. I also wanted the crepe paper to be denser on his coat than his beard, so it is folded in half then cut then glued I probably made it a lot denser than necessary. He did look pretty great. I also thought he'd be a breeze to break since I did not coat him with any papier-mâché and I only used masking tape on his front seams, but he took a lot of whacking. We had a lot of kids here though, so that was ok. Em's boyfriend finished him off. (I think making piñatas for teenage boys is an untapped market.)

Ice King pinata! Ice King pinata!

Toby's 6th birthday party Toby's 6th birthday party

When Toby wakes up he will officially be 6. I had to make him a  bigger Finn hat so I turned his old one into Little Dude. This is 6 ❤️
The night before his actual birthday on Tuesday, I turned his old Finn hat into Little Dude. (I had made him a new one since he outgrew the old one.) We had some friends over and had burritos and more cake. He said it was the best birthday ever. It was nice to see his friends and he got some amazing gifts. One was a magic set and he loves it and it is hilarious. He started practicing the night he got it, after putting on a suit and top hat. I seriously don't know where he came from. I can't believe he's this big already.

There's more news, but I'll share that later. Right now I have to build a Lego tower.
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Sometimes I think my life is disproportionately made up of silly pursuits.
And then I realize that that is my life stuff.

And it's ok.

The boys and I made puppets. They have been loving The Muppet Show lately and Toby designed a Muppet Whatnot for his birthday and is excited to get it. (Gideon made one for his.) I wanted us to work on a summer project together that would be fun and productive, so we did a little bit of research and decided to try making our own puppets. Generally the thing that makes Muppets look so Muppety is the foam they are carved from which is then covered with fleece or fur or whatever. I didn't want to bother with carving, so I assumed we'd make simple soft, flat-ish puppets. I let the boys draw their characters and we brainstormed ways to make them in 3 dimensions. Gideon wanted to make Pickles, a cyclops he draws on everything. Toby wanted to make an orange guy with blue eyes named Jack Jr. (I have to find those drawings!) Gideon has taken a softies class, so he had a bit of understanding about patterning, so we worked out simple 2 piece body patterns for each, plus arms. (Well, Toby wanted his head to be flat, so he had a third piece at the top of his cylinder shape.) We used fleece for the bodies and machine sewed them, Gideon did his own. We made the mouth parts out of cardboard, and sort of just guessed and fitted the shapes then covered them with felt and glued them in. Once they were made and I realized how big they were gonna be and how much stuffing they needed, I made linings for both of them which I attached to the inside of the mouth pieces, so we could really fill them out with poly fill. We made eyes out of styrofoam and felt pieces, and I made the horns for Pickles (my machine was being a butt sewing the stretchy fabric) and we glued the lining to the outside fleece and they're done. I forgot to sew in a pocket to the arms so we can add rods, so we we have to figure that out next, probably just a small loop of elastic on each wrist? We have to get wooden dowel for rods.
I told the boys they have to put together an act for Toby's party, so I promised to turn the kitchen window into a stage for them. (We have an inside window between rooms. Is there a word for that? It used to be the front of the house before it had a kitchen.)

The whole project took about a week and Gideon definitely participated a lot more, but I didn't expect Toby to do any sewing. He just had opinions. They are hilarious playing with them. I definitely think I could pitch this as a class if I get back to teaching. Or I could just open a puppet shop. :P

Making puppets: designing

Making puppets: making patterns

Making puppets

Making puppets

Making puppets: adding features

Making puppets: Introducing Pickles and Jack Jr.!

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Franklin is a Roseart Color Blank, which is essentially a cheaper DIY Munny-type vinyl figure. He was one of 2 special Halloween editions (the other was a Frankenstein) which I found at A.C. Moore. I re-sculpted his feet because they were huge rectangle blocks, painted him and made him an outfit.

He has two faces because sometimes he's bad.  (Bonus picture!)

Franklin bad
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