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The long weekend was long.

We had plans to get out and get drinks and go dancing with friends Friday night but my bestie had agreed to sit with the boys and she was sick and exhausted and I felt her relief when I said we'd cancel. Toby hadn't been sleeping well all week and he was still sniffly, so I felt the pull to stay home and baby everyone. I think it worked.

We spent went out both Saturday and Sunday searching for a kitten to adopt, but came up empty handed. Saturday we checked the adoption centers at a few Petco/Petsmart stores. Sunday the boys spent most of the day with their uncle at Dave & Buster's (a big restaurant/arcade) so Mat and I tried some shelters. It was fun to drive to new parts of the city, but that's a lot sad animals and disappointment. I remain steadfast in wanting a very young cat for Vincent's sake and I want long hair for my own. I have begun to poke around breeder sites a bit. I dunno

We almost spent Monday at the art museum, but Gideon had a lot of homework to do (sigh) so Mat and I just spent the time planning dinners and got groceries for the week. We tend to fly by the seat of our pants with meals and shop daily, but that's not ideal. I made granola bars for the week and we got caught up on Downton and finished Hemlock Grove and read. All good.

We even had some snow! We had just been seriously contemplating what a winter without snow would feel like and we had flurries on Sunday. There is a huge storm forecast for the end of this week. I'm excited.

I have been at the bottom of a blue funk lately and I need to stop. I think it has been a lot of things swirling around but mostly I think it's the tipping of the scale away from creating and towards consuming. I need to make and to share. I need to check things off of my list. I am also fighting off Toby's sick with only limited success. Mat says my curls fall out when I get sick which is funny and also true.

I think I have a fever right now maybe?

I need to put a hat on my flat hair and get back to painting.

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