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Saturday was our annual Halloween party!

I haven't talked much about it here because I have been so preoccupied with the house that I sort of let the party just come together on its own. We asked friends to bring snacks or drinks and we bought a few things the day of, but otherwise there wasn't much party prep. The house was already decorated and our costumes were sort of deliriously easy this year. The theme was myths, monsters, and legends. Toby planned on being zombie Michael Jackson from Thriller since *last* Halloween, he had the outfit and just needed a wig. Gideon decided to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, so we thrifted two dress shirts and a suit jacket for him and Mat brought home a small lab coat. I sewed half the lab coat to half of the suit jacket and did the same with the two shirts. I gave him a piece of fabric as a rough ascot and he wore a top hat we had and uniform pants. Mat was Bigfoot and he just bought a costume because buying that much fur would be way more expensive than a finished costume. I wanted to be Medusa, so I bought a boatload of rubber snakes that I wired and painted black and just wore a black Victorian dress because I liked it. I bought a good makeup kit and some sealant last year and they came through again this year. (Best Halloween purchase ever.)

The last minute cleaning scramble was real and I finished everyone's makeup with literally no time to spare, but the party went off without a hitch. My friends are all amazing sports and they brought food and looked great. The weather was perfect, around 60 degrees, clear and crisp, so we were mostly set up in the alley. The kids played a scavenger hunt to find printed pictures of cryptids hidden on the block and otherwise roamed in a creepy gang. They are getting so big. My kidless friends boggled that these were the same kids from last year, as they have begun to grow taller than some of the adults. There were littles in the mix too, which meant that I had to keep them from roaming too far. I honestly have begun to wonder if they'll ever not want to party with the olds...

I've made some mental notes about things I'd like to do for next year. I think we need to switch out some light bulbs inside the house and make it moodier. This year everyone wanted to see the new rooms and stairs, so it worked out, but I think we can do more to make for a creepy atmosphere everywhere. We might do an ocean theme next year, so lighting could be huge. I wanted to get some spotlights with moving filters for outside this year, that would be the perfect excuse to. There's always more.


Myths Monsters and Legends

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends
The Atco ghost, the mysterious blue hole of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and Jersey Shore Devils -- easily best themed family costumes. Sinbad and Medudsa.

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends
Fairy, clown, Red riding hood, Link. Rat king!

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends
Yayoi Kasuma, Bruce Lee

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends
Bonnie and Clyde. The Ghost of Christmas present from Scrooged.

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends
Countess Cathleen and Bloody Mary -- Cathleen gave out potatoes and Mary drank Bloody Marys all night, best themed accessories!

Myths Monsters and Legends Myths Monsters and Legends
Unicorn bestie

There are quite a few more in my Flickr!

Now there's still a few days till Halloween and that is wonderful. I have to get the kids made up for school on Friday and then again Saturday, so I think I will have refined both by then. Not sure what I will wear on Halloween to go trick or treating with the boys. I think it might be neat to just be a backup zombie to Toby's MJ. Maybe then I can get him to dance. (He knows the whole thing.)

It will be my 15th houseversary! I need to take some pictures of finished stuff! And 15 years since my first date with Matty. Time is funny.

Happy Halloweek, Friends!

Date: 2015-10-28 08:22 pm (UTC)
ashbet: (Behind)
From: [personal profile] ashbet
All of this gives me joy -- you guys are so creative! Looks like a blast :D

Date: 2015-10-29 05:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! It was! <3

Date: 2015-10-28 09:36 pm (UTC)
twotone: A toy figure in a penguin costume is dismayed. It stands next to a mug with a penguin illustration and a broken handle. (Default)
From: [personal profile] twotone
The make-up and costumes are AWESOME. I love the cryptid theme, and I think an ocean theme for next year would be amazing too.

Congratulations on 15 years!

Date: 2015-10-29 05:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! I like seeing how people interpret the theme. They surprise me every year!

Date: 2015-10-29 03:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So fantastic!!! Themed parties are the best parties. Well done!

Have you considered a photobooth? Do you have an ipad?

We are doing the party thang Saturday. I hope I can get some good pix.

Date: 2015-10-29 05:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
They really really are -- it is always fun to see how the theme is interpreted.

Man! No! and yes! What a great idea! I used to set up a spot for photos but that has fallen by the wayside as the crowd has grown. Details like that are at the top of next year's list.

Even if you get crappy pics, I wanna see them! Promise! Make sure you get you and D!

Date: 2015-10-29 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That looks like SO MUCH fun and everyone's costumes are incredible! (Though I particularly love your Medusa hair!!) I wish we had friends like you guys nearby!

Date: 2015-10-30 01:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!

I wish you were close enough to come. If you ever are, you and the crew are invited!!

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