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Oct. 7th, 2014 11:52 am
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Momentum is a good thing.

We didn't get to see Box Trolls last weekend, but that's because we went shopping and visited friends and then went apple picking. Movies can wait.
We went to an amazing local shop to get things for our Day of the Dead party. Eye's Gallery is a South St. staple and owned by the local mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar and his wife. It is totally covered with art and absolutely filled to the brim with neat stuff. We got some papel picado banners and big sugar skull molds. I already got paper mache skulls and masks from the craft store to paint, so I actually think we have everything we need. We also went to a new orchard for apples and really liked it. They only have apples, so it was nice to not be overrun with pumpkins/pumpkin picking. We have a lot of apples. But we also have one of these so the kids make short work of them. They can and do eat whole apples with the skin, but when you offer someone an apple spiral, it is literally impossible for them to resist. They also get to have snacks in class, so I find them to be much easier to eat without drip/mess/core garbage. I also have some recipes planned.

Speaking of, I'm trying to change the way we eat. I don't think our habits are too terrible, but there's lots of room to rethink and improve and I've started using the All Recipes app and I love it. Our problem is that neither of us really love to cook and we both hate shopping, so often we put off deciding on meals till mid day and Mat  buy things on his walk home from work. That doesn't inspire creativity. I've found that I do much better when I have a good stock of ingredients and I can make the decision to try something new with things we already have. That's where the app helps -- I can search for recipes and then save them and it even has a grocery list option, so it makes it easy to keep track of what we do need. We also have a farm share, so that helps force us to try new things also. If I plan a bit ahead but leave room to try new stuff, I find I like cooking much better and can manage our busy after school/work time much better. I need to tackle breakfast next. I think I want to try some oatmeal bar recipes to have a quick grab option for the boys instead of cereal. Hot breakfasts will take more work... mornings are hectic here.

I've been trying to take a Halloweeny picture every day, but haven't quite succeeded. I've decided I'm ok with that. As much as I love October, I'm trying to keep this one low stress. So far, so good. I even redressed some dolls! Future pictures...

The tiniest game of Halloween eye spy Love is surprise skeletons!

Hay Eye's Gallery

#31dayshalloween Butternut squash muffins making me feel all fall and cozy

Date: 2014-10-07 04:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We're not foodies and I really could care less about eating....but we do eat clean. No prepared, boxed, chemical-anything food. No sodas. I applaud anyone's efforts to eat more naturally. Breakfast is tricky! Steel cut oats can be started the night before. And French Toast can be cooked the night before in the oven! Yum!

Love the pix! It's October!!!!!!

Date: 2014-10-07 05:35 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ashbet
Kira loves steel-cut oats -- she won't go back to instant. (I think she has a way of doing them in the slow cooker, IIRC.)

For me, oatmeal tends to be an "ugh, my stomach is upset, need something soothing" food, so I still make the instant stuff, but if I were eating it more regularly, I'd probably go with steel-cut.

The nice thing is that Kira developed that preference around Gideon's age, so it's absolutely possible to get kids to like them :)

-- A <3

Date: 2014-10-07 05:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*I* really can't do hot oatmeal because the texture gets me. Gid seems to have the same problem, but it's definitely worth another go.

Date: 2014-10-07 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We have really gotten away from boxed things and that is a good thing. Soda has been long out of the house, but T drinks too much juice and Mat and I probably drink too much prepared iced tea...

Oven french toast! I'll look into that. They do love when I make waffles ahead of time and freeze them.

Date: 2014-10-15 12:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good luck on your photo a day challenge! I used to do challenges like that back in the early 2000's and it's surprisingly difficult to keep up the momentum. And, as always, I wish I was a little cousin that could live in your house during October! ^_^
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