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We've been sick. We, meaning Gideon, then Mat, then me. It's just a head cold and bit of fever, it hasn't really grounded any of us, but it is sure making me sleeeeeepy. Toby doesn't get sick. He licks everything and is always dirty so he has a pretty badass immune system. Also, he always has a deep raspy voice. At open house, his teacher told Mat she loves his deep masculine voice. Ha, what?

I am editing pictures as I type. I sent the doll off to Australia! I am nervous and excited. I had to pack her without her crown or cape on, and I braided her hair, so I'm nervous about her being displayed correctly. (I included a note with instructions, I think it is pretty straightforward.) I also made a custom stand I'm stoked on, but I'm worried about that making the trip too.

Custom base them bones...


These are just quick phone pics. I have better shots that I think I'll put up closer to the show.

I have another Calavera Blythe on my table that I'm hoping to finish by next week and sell directly. I have some fun ideas for her, I think she'll  glow in the dark and in a lantern. We'll see if I can make that work. Also! I had another idea for a custom Blythe, on a chubby body and covered with tattoos. It's super cute in my head.

October is like a shot of adrenaline for me.  I spent yesterday cleaning the studio so I can reset a bit and it is glorious. I've also decorated, of course. We've officially announced to friends that the party will be on Dia de los Muertos and everyone seems really excited, which is great. I am thrilled that I do not have to worry much about costumes for me and Mat and can focus on the boys for Halloween. I'm even gonna make friend craft nights out of decoration prep, so we'll make papel picado and paint some papier-mâché skulls and won't need to do much else besides cook/bake. This year the boys' Halloween costumes are even easy. Gideon wants to be a skeleton knight so I am sort of leaving it in his/Mat's hands and I'll help them build/paint whatever is needed. (Not sure if we're buying or modding or making armor yet.) Toby wants to be the tenth Doctor Who, so he gets another suit and a sonic screwdriver and he will wear them both out far beyond Halloween, so I don't mind buying it all. (He wanted to be the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz until he realized that if he was the Dr. he'd get a "real" sonic screwdriver and a new suit. He's been wearing his *other* suit and using a flashlight.) Dr. Who is his new obsession. It's all about the fashion for him.

I want to go see the Box Trolls this weekend and I want to watch scary movies. Have you seen the opening for the next season of AHS? AMAZING. It's all so on the nose that I'm worried I won't like this season. I probably will though. I am easy to please.

Last weekend we went to a sewing birthday party for our friend Rodney (at a sew shop, and we made fanny packs, it was totally amazing) and I met an atist who is working on a small stop motiong film. Why aren't I? Let's address that, world.

I hope you are well. It is Friday and it is October, there's always that. <3

Date: 2014-10-03 03:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oooh, let me know what you think of Box Trolls.

Date: 2014-10-04 06:03 am (UTC)
ashbet: (Archel Love)
From: [personal profile] ashbet
Same here! I want to go, no matter what, to support Laika, but I hope it's amaaaazing :D

Your skelly-girl looks amazing!! I hope everything goes brilliantly with shipping and that your client is delighted beyond words!



Date: 2014-10-03 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooh, I love the doll! So spooky and serene.

I'm sort of sad that I'm going to be in recovery from foot surgery all Halloween, it really is my favorite holiday. I'll have to content myself with armchair Halloween viewing of pictures of things you and my other friends are doing.

C is going to be the 10th Doctor too! We got a pretty cheap boys blue pinstriped suit on Amazon, I can look up which one if you want a link.

Oh, so looking forward to seeing Box Trolls! Definitely feel fall in the air which means it's time for our annual viewings of Mad Monster Party and Paranorman.

Can't WAIT for AHS!

Date: 2014-10-03 03:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! It was fun to push the spooky a bit for her.
(Your girl is in the works too!! Sorry, she got pushed back for this project >_<)

I bet I found the same one! I just have to take his measurements because he is teeny and I want it to fit well. I am also thinking that a cowboy costume is the best bet for the overcoat? I found a few cowboy dusters that looked ok online. I might try in a store so we can see it in person. I can't wait to see C!

Laika really can't do any wrong for me. Yes! Mad Monster Party and Paranorman! And Coraline and Frankenweenie and Nightmare and Corpse Bride!

Date: 2014-10-03 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for the vid - I just stole it and posted it! :) Looking insanely forward to this.

Your doll piece looks GORGEOUS!!!

Sorry folks are under-the-weather.

Here's to Fall!

I will be emailing you sooner than later.


Date: 2014-10-06 01:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This week!

Thanks lady, I'm all about all of the skeletons all of the time these days.

Date: 2014-10-03 10:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I saw the Boxtrolls twice on opening day. I never do that, do it says something. Laika is in my home town. I really want to try calling them and inviting them to display old sets at the doll expo we're hosting in March.

Miss Bones turned out so great! Her photos have been making the rounds on tumblr.

Date: 2014-10-06 01:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We didn't go this weekend! We will soon. Oh, Laika ia a dream of mine. That's a great idea!


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