Apr. 20th, 2016

kittytoes: (Kat doll)
I made a blog post! Not too deep, just a recap of what I've been up to. Sometimes it helps to take a moment and realize I have actually  been checking things off of my list...

I really do intend to blog more. I feel a unsure of my audiences and I want to keep it an open space for my art but also maybe babble about dolls? I dunno. I miss doll babble in general.

Things here are quiet and Spring feeling. We spent Saturday with my parents and that was really nice. They invited us out to dinner and a movie.  The Jungle Book is very good! And I generally don't go for 1.Disney 2.computer animation 3.animal movies so that's saying something. They did a very good job of making Shere Khan terrifying and keeping the animals pretty animal-y. King Louie was odd though. No medical news about Mom, yet.

I spent the afternoon at a friend's house and we had a lovely lunch and chat and it woke me up a bit. This weather has everyone peeping out their doors and stoopin' or meeting up in the park with a bottle of wine. All good things. I feel like I need to start making regular dates with friends. Now that the kids do their own thing, I don't see the momma pals often enough and time keeps getting away from me. It's almost May! I'm not sure how.

I need to buy some cloth napkins and I want to buy some ceramic tumblers from my other momma pal. I need to up my summer hosting game.

Nothing else. I got a new shirt for tiny Mat that is exactly the sort of shirt actual Mat wears all the time. And tiny Kat has new pants like a pair I have an new hair like I have and they have tiny phones now so they can worry about trying to stay "in the moment" with each other. :P Did you know the grey in Mat's beard are from the real thing?? I'm so gross.


Happy Wednesday. Come over. Bring a doll.

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